Med Micro mot nord i 2007

Vi hadde et mål om at vi skulle prøve å seile til Lofoten med Richochet 550. Det er en microclass. Men den sprang lekk ved Ona fyr, så vi returnerte. Sakset fra tidligere hjemmeside:

Ricochet 2005-2008
Ricochet 550
We had some great moments on this boat. The reason we bought it is: Our Campus 650 was sold, due to poor quality. What we did not expect was the amount of sorrow for the loss of the boat. A boat gives you some habits, its like a friend that takes care of you. So when it was gone, it was like a funeral. Luckily this Ricochet showed up. It was announced as a Delher Optima, and I thougth it was german. But was a fake play with words, it was russian.

Nevertheless, we were very suprised of the boat in many ways. It was very strong. The first winter it was out, we saw no weekness in attachement, guards, rail etc. And the winther storms were many. The gpr was thick and solid. The join deck/hull was glassed. It was pleasant to sail in any weather, very light at the helm, taking 16m/s headwinds. Compared to the Campus, we felt very secure. The inox of the pushpit was of superb quality, did not show rust at all.
Inside, on each side of the keel and foreward, there were 6 pieces of steel molded in. Each were 30kg. That will be 180kg ballast. The mast was green anodizied allu. The shroudes were 4mm, which is more than plenty for this kind a boat.
But the gelcoat was full of blisters, and there was a little leak round the keelbox. In 2007 our plan was to sail the boat up to Lofoten, taking a little piece every year and leaving the boat one shore where there was a connection point of "Hurtigruta". This passenger/freight ship travels daily along the coast. We came as far as Ona ligthhouse. After a day with hammering 9m/s headwinds, the little leak was 6buckets a day. We decided to turn around.
On our way round Stadt back, we were taken by a gale.

The repair of the boat would take more time than I had. The keelbox repair was tricky. A lot of the inner moldings had to be cut out. There is a "maybe" if we could manage to do this ourself. A professional repair would cost more than the original cost of the boat itself. I had already got hold of a Microsail for 24000NOK. We gave 20000NOK for the Ricochet. We kept most of the gear, and used some of it on the Microsail.

Sailing Ricochet.
The main reason for approaching the microclass, was to be able to sail fast downwind. The class reputation was to be a dingy with bigboat lookalike. The Ricochet did never plane though. For that it was to heavy. I bought the biggest assymetric spinnaker I could get 33 sqm. Follow this thread in the international forum.

Ny motor 2,5hk







Ona fyr.

Kjørt på grunn, feilnavigering. Kjøpte kartplotter etter dette. 

Stadt passert i kuling 

Husdyr i kjølsvinet.

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